We are Ziptown Canada

Our mission is in promoting the Sustainable Fashion Materials to contribute to a more Sustainable World.

We are proud of being a part of community that chose to move away from the Fast Fashion towards more sustainable and ethical options.

What is Fast Fashion

Have you ever heard the term Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion?

Do you know what it means?

Not everyone might be aware of what Fast Fashion is, or on what scale it is destroying the planet with its pollution and massive use of new resources.

Fast Fashion is a term used to describe how low cost brands quickly produce clothes inspired by new trends and put them in stores for customers to access for a low cost.

To keep customers coming back and spending more money, there are two main factors.

  1. They create new products and trends every week now compared to the 2 seasons SS/AW that used to be the standard.
  2. The quality of the clothes are often very low quality, making them break or look bad after a few washes. Since the prices are so low, it is also cheaper to buy new clothes than to fix the low quality ones you already have. Which is why Fast Fashion is also sometimes referred to as ‘Disposable Fashion’.

So another aspect of Fast Fashion is that the clothes not only moves fast from runway to the possession of consumers, but also to landfill.


The apparel industry accounts for 10 percent of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil. Fast fashion items are often worn less than 5 times, kept for roughly 35 days, and produce over 400 percent more carbon emissions per item per year than garments worn 50 times and kept for a full year.

First of all, it’s made from fossil fuels. And since we’re in the midst of a climate emergency, we need to keep it in the ground.

But let’s look at some other negatives about synthetic fibers.

We, at Ziptown are proud to be a part of community that chose to move away from the Fast Fashion towards more ethical and sustainable options. We are the only brand in Canada offering our customers clothes, winter & summer accessories and home textiles made of 100% natural fibers such as silk, cashmere, lambswool, merino wool & cotton at affordable prices. Chose wisely, chose less and what you will really use, what will last for the years. Our brand is young but fast developing: we believe in healthy lifestyle and in natural materials that are good for you and great for the environment that can categorically have a positive impact on both. As well as being environmentally sustainable, the majority of natural fabrics are biodegradable, moisture-wicking, breathable, durable, heat-responsive and naturally repellent to mold and dirt.

We’re Here To
Talk To You.

We invite manufactures in the home textile & natural clothing segments to contact us for any partnership ideas.

Visit our business page @zipsignature on FB for more information, feel free to contact us for customized designs and in case if you require any customized size for bedding. We have more to offer offline!

In short about our team.

I am Jelena, and I am the owner and CEO at Ziptown Trading Inc.
I am Jelena, and I am the owner and CEO at Ziptown Trading Inc.

More than 10 years of work in foreign trade, partnership and friendly relations with colleagues in more than 26 countries served as the basis for the creation of Ziptown in 2018. At a time when the market was oversaturated with fast fashion products, dropshipping and penny clothes providing a gigantic turnover to their online and offline owners, with highly inflated prices, where the main cost of the product is based on “free” deliveries, unlimited returns and handling fees factored in the product prices, and only a tiny part – the cost of the product itself, we created a concept directly opposite to the majority of those existing on the market. Namely – we have chosen sustainable fashion, having reduced operating costs to a minimum; in the structure of our prices lies the cost of the product itself. High quality, made to serve for many years, biodegradable, created by nature itself, carrying tons of useful properties for humans. Our product is for those who choose natural. Our products are sourced from around the world and thoroughly tested for quality. This is a family business, we believe that more is the enemy of the sufficient, therefore our priority is not to increase sales at any cost, but to work individually with each client. Therefore, welcome to our club, we are enormously happy to meet every customer onboard!

Meet Denis, the owner & marketing leader
Meet Denis, the owner & marketing leader
Miss Ke Qui, our APAC sourcing director and QA leader
Miss Ke Qui, our APAC sourcing director and QA leader