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Natural Clothing Buying Guide

Natural Clothing – Buying Guide

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Natural Fabric Guide.

Fibers are categorised into two main classes: natural and manmade. The fibers from natural sources like plants and animals that do not need fiber formation or regeneration are categorised as natural fibers. Our company actually deal with cellulosic fibers like cotton and flax, and the protein fibers like silk and wool. Man-made fibers like polyester, nylon, elastan are formed by chemical synthesis followed by fiber extrusion or dissolving in chemicals the naturally available polymers and reproducing them by passage through a spinneret to extrude fibers. Fibers formed by chemical synthesis are named as synthetic fibers, while fibers regenerated from natural polymers are named as regenerated fibers. So, all natural fibers are provided by nature in ready-made form. But man is involved in the manufacturing processes of synthetic fibers and regenerated fibers, due to this reason categorised as man-made fibers.

The term “natural fibers” is more than just a cool slang used by clothing companies trying to market their new cashmere sweater or cotton crop top. Rather, it is an umbrella term used to describe any kind of fiber obtained from animals or plants.

This type of fiber is known for its ability to easily absorb sweat and just about any type of liquid. They can also be used to produce a wide range of textures and fabrics to meet consumer demands. 

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