Bicolour Modern Home Silk Bed Sheet Set


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Authentic Silk

In contrast to silk look-a-like products that use cheap and fake silk polyester, our bedding uses pure mulberry skin that is 100% authentic for a genuine experience. Real silk has numerous health benefits and special properties that many enjoy for its powerful, positive impact on their sleep.


Enrich Your Sleep

Transform the way you sleep with the simple change of silk to your bedding. Silk is thermoregulating, helping to soothe hot flashes experienced by many during their sleep that often impacts their sleep quality. This fabric also contains powerful antimicrobial properties, can reduce allergies, improve your skin and hair, and may even help alleviate joint issues, all while being a comfortable surface to sleep on.



With any thickness available from 16 to 28 momme, you can curate the perfect bedding set-up that is appropriate for your climate, preferred temperature/thickness, and the current season. The polished display of silk can also enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom – simply looking at it is enough to make you want to snuggle up in the sheets!


Created For You

Our Luxury Silk Bed Sets can be produced according to your measurements for any mattress size. The set includes any desired number of pillow cases, as well as fitted and flat sheets. Pillow cases can also be bought separately. We stock the most exquisite and largest collection of silk bedding in North America, shipped from Montreal. Purchase with full peace of mind knowing that what you receive is 100% high-quality and authentic.


  • Pure mulberry silk
  • Produced according to your mattress size
  • Set includes 2 pillow cases, either fitted or flat sheets, 1 duvet cover
  • 16 momme
  • Pillowcases can be purchased separately
  • Soothes hot flashes with thermoregulation
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Made to the highest state standards
  • Family-factory manufactured
Product Details
  • Sku: JISBEDSET200021-2021BIC
    • Weight 2 kg
    • Dimensions 30 × 40 × 10 cm
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    • Colour

      White & Blue, Pink & Light Blue, Light Blue & Pink, Blue & Beige, Green & White, Beige & Blue, Grey & Blue