Yak Wool Striped Dress


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Composition: up to 40% of yak wool, 50% lambswool and 10% nylon. Left to right on main picture: blue, black, green.

Cashmere is known in the textile industry as one of the softness wools with with a fibre diameter of less than 18.5. The diameter of the down fibre of the yak also ranges 16-20 microns, making its softness comparable to that of cashmere. Although cashmere has been firmly established on the market- yak wool has potential to be sold as a luxury product due to its softness and sustainable, eco friendly means used for gathering the fibres.

Our premium line of the clothes made of superfine not-itching blends of wools. Shop sustainable natural clothing from Ziptown Canada.


Product Details
  • Sku: SNFL200026DRE002
    • Weight 0.480 kg
    • Dimensions 22 × 48 × 4 cm
    • Color

      Black, Blue, Green

    • Size

      XS, S, M

    • Status